Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Flower For Me and A Flower For You


It's been awhile since I've crafted....Things are...odd around here. For those who are not in the know, you will soon, I expect. But it's time I got back into it (crafting).

I needed to be eased back into it and these barrettes from Purl Bee are just the thing (although it's quite embarassing thinking of how long ago I've bookmarked them and said "oh yes, I'd make them!" I'm a slow starter, apparently)


Love how they make Isabel look like she's this little lady!


Perhaps I should have made them in the same color...!

Will it be odd if I had them in my hair too?

Or I may just have to put one on a hairtie, like Jill


Jenny said...

That looks great!I am also into tying up my hair in blink-blink spongy!Love both of you very much!!

Jennifer said...

Odd meaning what? Do tell!