Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pulling Things Out Of a Hat

I remembered the night before Easter that I should probably have an Easter basket for Ryan, Isabel's neighbourhood buddy (he calls her his sister)

I had to rummage through the candy bin (which, thank goodness, is quite well stocked) and then through my craft cupboard for all the other non-edible treats. And something to put it all in.

So, ta-da


Total cost? $0

The Peep Rabbit and basket are two of the many tutorials that have been printed out a while ago - I have 2 huge binders full of these...the heart is willing, but the free time and motivation are lacking!

I liked the basket so much that I pulled out my rusty math skills (pi = 3.142!! I can't believe I used to be good at math) and made a bigger one to contain her clean cloth diapers that always, for some reason or other, seem to settle itself on the chair in my bedroom


Ahhh...much better.


I've always been a freak about organization

As is my daughter:



Jenny said...

The baskets are beautiful!!!What are they made of?cardboard?

bagfashionista said...

interfacing - so I can wash them as necessary

msihua said...

wow.. those baskets are beautiful.. Imagine how I could get organised Steph *hint* *HINT* ahhahahaa

Pearly said...

Did you put the shoes in that arrangement deliberately and testing our eye sight or am I seeing things?
(all turning out)

bagfashionista said...

Isabel arranged those shoes :) and you'll notice that they are perfectly lined up with the carpet.she has little ocd tendencies as well. And yes, they are right shoe-left shoe instead of the 'correct' way because she still gets slightly confused on which is which