Friday, November 25, 2011


For about a period of a month, I get the painting bug and will start spraying away.


I found this table at a yard sale for $30 I think, but my neighbor who was with me managed to knock it down to $15 (or thereabouts) And to think that I'm the Chinese, not her. I definitely do not have haggling skills (nor do I like to haggle, although I've started trying it out - won't turn down an opportunity to save!)

And this was also my mother's first piece! Yes, when you are here, you will be put to work.


Art from Central Market when I was back in KL last. I don't have many things on the wall as I'm not really the type who knows what to do with wall displays. But I saw these hand-crafted wayang kulit-ish pieces and wanted to bring a bit of Malaysia back with me.

It's ironic how you have to bring a girl out of her country for her to appreciate it. I highly doubt I'd purchase them if I lived in KL. 

And of course, another stack of my thrifted antique books.


Chocolate, Cookies & Candies said...

Goodness, you're so good with your hands. I love the 2 wayang kulits. Now, why didn't I think of that? I would never in a million years collect these little souvenirs if I hadn't move outside of Borneo. I love your home decor. I wish I'm as creative as you are. I wouldn't even dare to paint a table. Everything but the table will resemble a disaster zone.

bagfashionista said...

hhahaha---you never know until you try!! It's pretty fun to me to go around thrift stores and yard sales to see what they have to offer. It's unique and oftentimes more well built and made of solid wood than stuff you can find in the stores these days. And you are creative -- just look at all your fab photos and outfits!!

same on the knick-knacks - i would never go to central market willingly if i lived in KL!