Monday, August 27, 2012


One of the things I like to do now that Isabel is older, is that when there's a little person's birthday party to attend, we will try to incorporate something "homemade" into the gift.

For little boys, that generally encompasses just a card, because I don't "get" little boys. There's nothing fabric related that I could think of that would potentially interest the kid. There was a good idea of making a cape and a mask, but I was too lazy. Perhaps next time.

(NOTE: Speaking of superhero capes-- just read this post about the U.S Cape Crusader Challenge. I am going to try and do it)

So on the morning of the party, Isabel and I will typically hang out in the reading/craft room of the house. I *TRY* not to coerce her to do things the "right" way, but....lets just say I have lots of room for improvement.

This time around, she just told me what to draw. And what colors to use.

And then she put on the finishing touches.

So here we have it...a picture of a house, with a car.

And on the back, a pond...with frogs. And a squirrel on the tree


And little Gavin in the pond...

 I felt compelled to tell the mother of the birthday boy that. Just so she knows, before she sees the card.

On another less morbid note, my butterfly bush was flourishing and attracting lots of butterflies

 Aren't they gorgeous? This is probably my favorite part of gardening --- the wildlife that it attracts. It makes me happy to see little bumblebees buzzing around the foxgloves and butterflies fluttering away

 Then I moved the bush (I didn't space it enough when I first planted it a few months ago) and it is flourishing a lot less. "Wilted" is a more appropriate word. But I will revive it back to its former glory.

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