Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sleepy Times

Isabel had a friend's birthday party to go to yesterday. I always like it when it's a girl's party -- girl stuff are so much more fun!


I felt like making something as well to accompany the doll her friend was getting. 

I've always loved Pottery Barn Kids' Shaggy Dog's sleeping bag, and actually had aspirations to make one. I noticed that they came out with a mini-me version for their dolls, so decided to see if I can bumble my way through making something like that

Mine is about half the size of the PBK, to fit the Cabbage Patch doll that she was getting


Hello Kitty trying out the finished product

 To me, it is a successful item when Isabel asked if I can make one for her when it was her birthday. 

I want to try to make a different animal instead --- a cat, or perhaps a rabbit? 


Jenny said...

Very pretty!

julie said...

I love your craftiness. You are very talented. That slip and slide looks SO fun!

bagfashionista said...

aw, thanks Julie.