Tuesday, August 07, 2012

More Randomness

In Costco - Izzy was in the shopping cart and I wandered a few steps down the aisle. When I got back to the cart:

Izzy: Momma -- you were in the lady's way. So she moved the shopping cart.
Momma - Oh yea? Did she say anything to you?
Izzy: No...she just smiled at me because I'm cute


In the liquor section of Costco:

Izzy: Momma, why are we in here with lots of bottles?
Momma: Because I need....something.
Izzy: Oh, o-kaaay...Don't go crazy.


Before getting into the car, I got distracted by some errant weeds in the flowerbed and removed them

In the car, I used some hand sanitizer

Izzy: What did you touch, momma?
Momma: Dirt
Izzy: Oh...I didn't touch anything. I was already in the car. Waiting.....for true love
Momma: ..........................!!!! 



Keeping with the princess theme:

Izzy: I don't want to be called Izzy anymore -- my name is Ariel. Because I don't like the name Izzy. So you have to call me Ariel now.

Words she mispronouces:

Forehead - few-head 
(she probably gets it from "fever", because you will check the forehead for a fever) 

Yellow - lel-low

Remember - be-bem-ber

Words that she pronounces normally now, but has stayed in my heart:

Bathtub - tub tub
Bicycle - i-ca-ble


Izzy: Momma -- you need to have a baby in your tummy so I can have a sister
Momma: Yea...no.


Steven said...

Ahahahahahha, she's a funny one. So, when's her first date if she's waiting for true love?

mccstu said...

Teagan says "lel-low" and has also decided that everyone should call her "Cinderella" now.

Jenny said...

She is learning sex education from daycare?