Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Nonsense


Momma: Please don't scratch my floor with that.
Izzy: But I'm old....... 

Driving home after picking Isabel up from daycare on Monday:
Izzy: Momma, I want a baby sister to come out of your belly
Momma: Out of my belly? But how is it going to get there?
Izzy: It already is in there!
Momma: Oh, really?
Izzy: Yeah! She'll come out in (after??) a long time.,,,,she'll come out on Thursday. 
Momma: !!

Isabel with the baby carrier that her "baby sister" is going to sit in. For now, her stuffed dog will have to do.


Isabel will be a flower girl for a friend's wedding soon and I was introducing the concept of her walking down the aisle all by herself

Izzy: I'll be walking down all by myself, Momma?  
Momma: Yes, but I'll be waiting on the other end for you
Izzy: It is for a wedding? Is it my wedding?
Momma: No, it's not your wedding
Izzy: When will it be my wedding?
Momma: when you're a big girl and find someone to marry
Izzy: I have to find someone to marry? I can't marry you, Momma? 
Momma: No, you can't
Izzy: I don't want to marry Prince Charming
Momma: no? Then who do you want to marry? A frog *snicker*? A DRAGON?? 
Izzy: No! Not a dragon! I want to marry.....a kangaroo. One that doesn't talk. I only want it to hop.  

A few days later, as she was getting dressed for daycare in her room, I hear her yell out to me:

Momma, when I am going to marry the baby kangaroo? That joey...thing...?

Oh dear....


Jenny said...

She is something !

Jenny said...

She is something !