Friday, November 13, 2009

11 Months!!!

My baby is 11 months!


Doesn't she already look like a toddler (with highwater pants)?


Less than 30 days before she'll leave babyhood for good...*sniff*
She's a cheerful, mischievous girl with a great disposition and LOVES to try and imitate things we do that cracks her up - like blowing raspberries on our skin.


And Momma loves her very, very much!

11 months

As does Daddy (but Momma still loves her more =p)
The question should be, who does she look like more?


Some milestones:

She knows how to walk (but crawling is still her preferred method of travelling -- it gets her to where she wants faster!)

She's imitating things we do and say more and more readily - she knows how to say "Dog" when she sees Buddy (Although it sounds like "dawk"), she says "Da" when she sees her daddy, she says "Uh-oh" when she drops something, both intentionally and accidentally (actually, it's more like "ack ack"....she's slowly getting to "ack och")

She loves to share anything that she finds fascinating


She's a great eater -- from cheerios and yogurt, to vegetables, meat and tofu. So it's definitely a boost for the amateur chef in me!

Edit: BTW, she was still toothless when she turned 11 months....although I can see all her bottom teeth in her gum. But on the 14th, her first bottom front tooth started poking through the gum. So long, gummy smile =(


Amber's Notebook said...

awww! what a CUTE family!! great pictures!

Priscila said...

ohhhhhhhhhh she is so cute!
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