Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Craft Hope

Now that it is getting chilly, there's really nothing better to do than to curl up in a cozy blanket with a stack of good books and a cup of hot cocoa


But we won't be bundled up in this particular one - this one will be sent, along with hundreds of others, to homeless children in the Grand Rapids, MI area. This is made possible by Craft Hope and Margaret's Hope Chest - so thanks to both wonderful entities for this.

Michigan winters are brutal -- I should know - I went to school not 45 minutes from Grand Rapids, which is also very close to hubby's hometown.

While my quilt is far from perfect (it's my first time working with something this big!), I'm really hoping that it will help provide warmth and comfort to the child who receives it (and also crossing both fingers and toes that it holds up!!)


Isabel seems to love it


Which makes me want to keep it for her (since it'll probably be a LONG time before I attempt making one again!)

So it's on its way out


Jenny said...

Your sewing is really getting better each time.Am proud of you!!

Katie_Margaret said...

Love love love!

Amber said...

that is a GORGEOUS quilt! WOW! Isabel is so cute!

Jennifer @ The Craft House said...

I LOVE that quilt! I have had my eye on that apple fabric for a while, I think I might have to get some for random projects here and there!

Yeah, I bought a nice big, warm blanket the other day, not that I needed it with a linen closet full of blankets and spare comforters. :D

fawnda said...

I LOVE the fabric that you picked out! So Sweet!
Great cause- What labor of love!

Thanks for linking! : )

The Harris Family said...

I love it! The fabric is beautiful.

Holly and Sean said...

GORGEOUS Steph!!! I could never make something like that~