Saturday, November 21, 2009

T-shirt/Onesie Dresses: Part 2


As part of Isabel's Christmas-time wardrobe - they are more satisfyingly twirly now, compared to the first attempt...Although this time, I kept the onesie intact --- making it ten times more difficult to attach the skirt to it...and also resulting in a minor mishap at the back of the shirt (*cough* a tear *cough*)....

My husband gave a suggestion to hide it with a bow, so I quickly whipped one up...a really (really) quick, rough one...actually, I'm a little embarassed of it -- ah well - That's not my point though -- my point is, don't you just love it when your man takes an interest in your silly little hobbies? I love you, HM!


And actually, I really love the look of a bow --- I think it'll be cute in the front of the dress.
Third time is the charm, right?


Amanda #1 said...

Oh, but I love the bow! I even love the idea of keeping the onesie intact. I'm going to have to try to work out in my brain how you did that.

Amber said...

omg I love the bow!!

bagfashionista said...

thanks girls!

amanda - will send you a pm about leaving the onesie intact

MrsKBJ said...

That came out super cute! Your husband's idea was great!! You make me wish I had a sewing machine! :O)

LDH said...

Such a precious little dress! Since this is my first-time visit to your place I didn't know about other attempts. This one turned out sweet as can be!

I have a soft spot for little girls anyway... I had four of my own and am expecting a fourth granddaughter in a couple of weeks.

I know a few little girls who would love a dress like you made.

kindly, ldh

Katie_Margaret said...

There is nothing silly about your hobby!