Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Dresses: Round 2

"Pillowcase" dresses this time


I used
this tutorial, but instead of using a ribbon as the neckline, I followed Darby's example and made the armholes and neckline with biased tape (I made my own using this tutorial)

The only thing that seemed really odd to me is that the sizing of the armholes in the tutorial were the same for 6 months up to 2 T --- so when I have the dresses side by side, instead of it looking like one 6m dress and one 18m dress, it looks like a dress and the shirt/top version of it....hmmmm.....

Ah well, if it doesn't fit, Caitlin will just have to use it as a top when she's older.

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Amanda #1 said...

I'm guessing the armholes are the same size b/c they figure you can adjust the armhole by adjusting the ties.