Friday, September 11, 2009

Da's the Word...

Thursday was John's birthday. And Isabel badly wanted to get him something. But because she's a baby, she does not have any money (that SHE knows of anyway). So she had to scrounge around the house for something.

Good thing Daddy keeps a well-stocked supply of candy.

And Mommy just reorganized the craft closet so that paper and markers are easily found

Barely 9 months old, and she can already spell. And that's the handwriting of a genius. Or maybe a doctor's.
Barely legible.

Happy Birthday, Dad-deeee. I wuf you very much.

And there's no cake because:

a) Babies are not allowed to turn on the oven.

b) Daddy stupidly crazily idiotically decided to have a root canal. On his birthday.


julie said...

so cute!!!

Happy Birthday!

Pearly said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!
Happy Birthday to y..o...u
Happy Birthday to you John........

And you are........??????

Love from Aunt Pearly And GreatGrandma

MrsKBJ said...

So cute!! Happy Birthday to your husband!

bagfashionista said...

thanks ladies!