Monday, September 21, 2009


I got a question from my girl friends recently - How do I do it all? Be a mother, a wife, a career woman.

My friends are at the point of their lives where they are slowly getting hitched. I happen to be the first one to have "crossed over to the other side".

While I gave them a synopsis of what "A Day in the Life of Steph" is like, it got me to thinking that as much as I have on my plate, I feel like it doesn't even come close to what my mom's "Day in the Life of..." was back when I was a kid. For everything I do, she does twice as much. For everything that I attempt, she manages to succeed. For all that I give, it doesn't compare to all that she has contributed.


Mie - Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being who you are, for doing what you do, and for giving yourself generously, whole-heartedly, completely.


I love you more than you know, more than I have ever shown, or will ever have the capacity to show.

And also, thank you to all the very strong females in my life who have helped shaped me to be who I am (the good me, the GOOD me!! The less desirable traits are all mine.)

To my grandmother - who represents tradition and longevity. You are classic, beauty, timeless.


To Yee Yee - who represents generosity, cheerfulness and humor - regardless of what your staff thinks! I thank you with every fiber of my soul for being there for the birth of my daughter.


To Yee Chai - who represents benevolence, fair-mindedness, peace.


To Auntie Guat - who represents the mind, thoughts and imagination. I remember - it was you who introduced me to "The Little Prince".

To Auntie Mavis - who represents light-heartedness and youth.

To all these women, thank you, thank you, thank you.

For everything.

It is my deepest regret that Isabel is not able to grow up around your love. I can only hope that I will do all of you justice in raising her to be the best that she can be.


msihua said...

Goodness... a bit nostalgic down memory lane?

*BIG HUG* to one of the superwomen I know!!! Well done =)))

Let it Shine said...

Such a sweet post.
Your little girl is absolutely precious.


Jenny said...

Hey,you got me crying.Thank you Ihua(hope you meant me)

Jenny said...

Hey,you got me crying.Thank you Ihua(hope you meant me)

bagfashionista said...

hua -'s all you girls fault! and thanks! I'm no where near superwoman status, but I will sure keep trying!

Alyshia: thanks so much! and thanks for visiting

mom - aw...good! mission accomplished! ;)

Margaret said...

it got me crying too, and i'm not a superwoman! but my superwomen are the same as yours jie. tambah the writer!

my mommy is probably going to leave a very sappy comment afterwards. ily and isabel. and john. ling::

Margaret said...

OH MAN. i'm not margaret! that's somebody else's name. oh dear. i'm ling!

msihua said...

Ahahaha... I've known you nearly all my life Steph... =) And I think u're an awesome supermom...

But to think we can't ever top any of our mums... it's tad depressing!! Imagine my mum? I'll never marry and have kids.. I don't want to beat the record =)

Yes Aunty Jenny, I meant it =)