Saturday, October 17, 2009

10 Months Stats

Before I forget, these are some of Isabel's funny little quirks and developments at 10 months:


She still has zero number of chompers, but seems to be working on having her first (or her first FOUR) poke through


She LOVES food. If she sees you eating, she'll drop whatever she's doing and crawl over to you stat. And if she likes what she sees, she'll say "Mmmmmmmmm" in hopes that you'll get the message and give her some of whatever it is that you're eating.

And honestly, who can resist this face?


I know I can't

She loves bananas, yogurt - well, anything sweet really...But her favourite is still the Gerber puffs.

Everything that she loves to eat, she calls them "na na"
(I taught her to say that when I first introduced the banana to her. For some reason, she's associated everything sweet with that)

She walks beautifully with her walker/train - that's probably her favorite toy for now. Thanks so much to John's colleague for his generousity!


She can stand by herself


She's really starting to enjoy playing with Buddy, and I think he's starting to reciprocate.

f t

Well....lets just put it this way...He's starting to appreciate the scraps of food that Isabel drops from the highchair.
During her meal time, you can bet your chicken nuggets that you'll see his little doggy face peering from under her chair

...And the biggest piece of news for the day...

Isabel gave her daddy a surprise today when he picked her up from daycare


She WALKED towards him by herself!!

I have yet to witness it, but you'll be sure that I'll announce it to the world when that happens!

*Edited to add things I forgot:

- She loves the sound of a bee -- she cracks up at me "buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing" and will try and "bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" herself

- Whenever she drops something (plenty of occurences there!), I'll go uh-oh....she tries but the best she can manage right now is "uh"

- She was born a cuddler, and she still is. I love how she'll go about doing her own thing, but when she's tired, she'll crawl back to me and lay her head on me. Melts my heart.

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MrsKBJ said...

She is getting so big! She will be walking before you know it! We have 2 dogs and they are great at cleaning up the floor after dinner! :O)