Saturday, October 03, 2009

How The Other Half Lives...

For his birthday weekend, my husband wanted to visit the mansions of Newport, Rhode Island. This is our second time there, and this time, we visited The Elms and Rosecliff.

Shall I show you around?

We'll start at The Elms.


Beautiful, isn't it?


Oh, what? That's just the carriage house? Oh, I'm sorry.

I don't know how I could have mistaken that.

But since we are here, lets just stop and have some lunch.


Yes, a delicious meal that cost a mere $12.50.

My husband and I split it.

Let's go up to the REAL house now, shall we? My husband shall lead the way.


Almost there...


Here we are.


Lets feel real special and go in through the front door


Unfortunately, cameras are not allowed inside, but you can see some pictures on the Mansions' official website. It was truly gorgeous and I'm glad that it never got torn down, unlike so many of the other mansions that were replaced with apartment buildings.

Next up is Rosecliff - the site where scenes from The Great Gatsby, Amistad and True Lies were shot.


Isabel got quite a bit of attention during this whole trip...Although people kept calling her a "he"...I realize that she's wearing a blue shirt, but shouldn't the hot pink pants and a pink teddy give something away?

(The teddy was a present by Diana & Chuck - if you guys are reading this, thanks again! Isabel LOVES it)


Do you like what you see? The mansion is available for rental if you'd like to hold your wedding reception here....There was actually a wedding scheduled for that night.


Not quite convinced? Maybe a view of its grounds might sway your decision...


That really must have been quite the life


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