Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New "Eyeliner"!

If you've noticed, I have a list of things I'm obsessed with, on the right over there ------->

And if you've noticed, "Making roman shades for the kitchen" has pretty much been one of those "guests who you can't seem to get rid of"

The "funny" part of the story? I've actually finished making the shades MONTHS ago. Only thing was that, when I was just about to hang them, hubby chose to tell me THEN that he doesn't particularly like the print. He couldn't have told me when I first bought the fabric -- he didn't choose to tell me when I had the first one done, nor did he decide to tell me when I had the second one done, before the third.

Oh no...Not my hubby dearest.


Fast forward another few months, and here we are.

I went with Amy Butler's Wood Fern in Ecru print from her Nigella collection
(and if he doesn't like it, he can poke his eyes out we can talk about it)

Now, my windows have some custom eyeliner. Or eyeshadow. Or eyelashes. Whichever.

And the neighbours will no longer be subjected to seeing me dance around in my underwear.

(On a less disturbing note, I seem to have an issue keeping paper towels stocked in this house)


For anyone who's interested in making their own roman shades, Martha Stewart's website offers very simple here (Although I've had a difficult time finding a pulley system...still looking for that one)

And I've repurposed one of the original curtains to hold my giftwrap. Yes, I spent almost 3 hours making a "bag" for my giftwrap. It even has blackout lining, to prevent my $1 rolls of wrapping paper from fading.



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