Monday, October 12, 2009

What We Did This Morning

Isabel is 10 months today. But there'll be no "pretty" pictures today.

She was sick on Saturday night and Sunday too - Sunday was one of the crankiest days she's had in awhile. I *think* that it's because she's teething - there's quite a swell in her gums where her left molar is suppose to be.
But since she's never teethed before, this is all just a guess.

So today, I stayed home to monitor her. She's feeling much better.

Even though her hair seems to indicate that she's had a rough time.


And as usual, her Buddy is never far behind.


She played nicely by herself on the floor for the most part.


Until she wanted to show her Mama her toy, so Mama picked her up

And she found something more interesting to play with.

What is it with babies and wires?


And then she proceeded to yank off the DSL wire from my computer. Oy!

(Yes, we have to hook our computers to the wire to go online. We never did figure out how to set up the wireless. That's why we always seem to congregate in the guest room)


And now that I'm really looking at these pictures, it appears that she's about to bust out of her sleeper. We tend to stuff her into clothes until it's very apparent that it's JUST NOT GOING TO FIT.

This outfit does not fit into that category. So she'll continue to wear it.

Yes, we I am really that cheap.

She's settled in for her nap now


Hopefully, it'll last for at least an hour!

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