Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Ruffly Stuff...

Tried my hand at altering a pattern


And jumping on the ruffly bandwagon


It's big on her now...(and especially considering that it's suppose to be a jumper, not a dress). Hopefully it'll fit better in the spring/summer


I do apologize for all these sewing posts...I'll get it out of my system soon enough, and you won't hear about it for another few months!

And I really need to lay off dressing my kid in my curtain fabrics! This matches my kitchen shades

On a slightly different note, her Babylegs are fitting much better these days, compared to when she was an infant...they don't seem to be cutting off her circulation anymore!


Jenny said...

She looks like a big girl now!what's with the glove?helping you to clean?

Zura said...

Hi! I'm so glad you dropped a comment on my blog so that I could find yours. Wonderful, wonderful sewing you have here, I was ooh aah-ing as I browsed them all,and your daughter is so adorable! :)

Helsbells said...

Hi, I love this dress, I hope you are entereing it for the competition on Rufflesandstuff?


bagfashionista said...

Aw, thanks Zura! I bought the garden bag pattern after seeing yours!

HelsBells - thanks for the vote of confidence!! I did work on something for Disney's competition...but I might add this one in just for the heck of it too!