Friday, March 12, 2010

When The Cat Is Gone...

The mice will miss him very, very much. But, the play must go on, I suppose!


My husband is on his way out on a super-duper secret trip out to Michigan --- It's his great-grandmother's 100th birthday (that's her on the top right - that's who Isabel got her middle name from), and we were originally not going to go because it's not something that is financially responsible for us right now. But, it's a very special celebration and he should definitely be there. So, the trip was planned and the ticket was bought, but we chose to keep it a secret from his immediate family members.

So, I'm home alone with Isabel for the weekend. First time. Scary stuff.

It's going to be a rainy, rainy weekend here in the East Coast

So there goes my plans of playing outside with Isabel

Next best thing is to buy some crayons and bust out those coloring books that I bought way back when...

Hopefully there'll be lots of snuggling in bed, and watching cartoons too

And perhaps, if I'm really adventurous, I might stop by the library with her. We'll see.

Wish me luck!


MrsKBJ said...

Have a fun time! Keep busy and your husband will be home before you know if! Happy birthday to his grandma!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday to great-great grandmother Clarisse!She looks wonderful and young too!You and Isabel take care!!

Pearly said...

Greetings & warmest wishes from Malaysia greatgrandma & grandaunties & uncles too! And everyone else.........
Great great grandma looks really wonderful and enjoying herself too!