Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Who's The Crazy In The Corner?

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

Quilters are crazy.

The amount of effort and time it takes to make a quilt is enough to make my "Results Priority-Zone" personality go haywire. (But yet, I keep trying. So maybe I'm the crazy one)

If you've ever received a handmade quilt, rest assured that you're liked. Very much. I can't think of any other reason why someone would make someone else a quilt. (So, HM....Laura really likes you)


I finally ventured into making a "real" quilt. With an actual quilt pattern and with blocks that are smaller than the size of a table.

The quilt design, from Amy Butler, is aptly named the "Belle" quilt. I shall name mine the "Izzybelle" quilt. "Izzy" for the part where I winged it, as I'm hard press to follow a pattern word for word. Must be the rebellious side of me. =D

The fabric is girly, cheerful and hopeful...perfect for spring! And if the quilted part doesn't scream "I'm a GIRL" loud enough, the backing sure does.


Ruffly, fleece-y goodness.

I got tired of being attacked by 5 yards of fleece everytime I try to open my craft closet.

And because I love all you readers (all 5 of you, 80% of which are family members) so much, I'm dedicating this quilt to you.

 But I'm keeping it. =D

 (Besides, there's absolutely no reason why you'd need a quilt in the perpetually hot, gloriously sunny, breezy-balmy Malaysia!)


Jenny said...

very,very pretty!Guess I just stick to my cross-stitch(just made a tissue -paper "purse" for my accountant)Find it very hard to control yards of cloth!

Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

oops!sorry for the repetition!

Amanda said...

The fabric's gorgeous!

I've gotta figure out how to get you fully on the quilt-band-wagon, though...I simply can't understand how it's possible that someone NOT like to make quilts!

June said...

jie, it's LOVELY. i tried quilting once (and with the persistence of a donkey, did not get very far) and made the terrible mistake of starting with squares the size of an eraser. woe me.


bagfashionista said...

Amanda --- I have one foot on and one foot off....i can't say that this will be my last time venturing into the quilting world...i'm a sucker for punishment, i guess!!

ling - LOL! yes, not a good idea to try it with blocks so small! it's the cutting that irks me...

mom - no, your cross-stitch is time consuming too...i just have no patience.

Steven said...

Hey, what about me? I have winter over here...

julie said...

I love it! beautiful job!

日月神教-任我行 said...