Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Am A Grandmother

And these are my grandkids - all girls, thank goodness. Meet Dolly (Sophie Chloe. Apparently, signs of dementia is starting to show at my ripe old age...I'm forgetting names of my grandkids), Baby and Baby.


There are two more, but since they are of a different....species, I'm ignoring them.

They enjoy going for walks with their momma


And Baby enjoys mum-mum time because she's Isabel's darling (I think it's because it's the ugliest baby, so she's doting on it to make up for that), along with Bear.


Here's our family portrait.



Amanda said...

What kind of doll is Dolly/Sophie? She's super cute!

MrsKBJ said...

So cute!!

msihua said...

That is hilarious... hahahahaha

bagfashionista said...

Amanda - isn't she adorable?? but isabel doesn't care two hoots about her. she's from potterybarn kids - and whoops! her name is Chloe...Sophie is yet another doll....

Jenny said...

Still dont like the green one!must get another one for her!!