Tuesday, January 11, 2011


2011 is finally here.

Actually, it's already a good 2 weeks under way. Thank God for that.

2010 has been.....challenging. A true soul- searcher. A real reevaluation of expectations. A real stomp-my-feet and saying "NO! That is NOT right, and I won't stand for it". A reconfirmation of the importance of independence, self-value, self-confidence and a good old dose of "chin up"-ness (best advice I got, actually)

Regardless, however bad it was....guess what? I'm still standing.

I'm still smiling.

I'm still laughing.

And most importantly, I still believe in love. Love for my baby. Love for my family. Love for friends. There IS a future out there. And I will keep working towards it.

And I thank each and every person who has comforted me, prayed for me, thought of me, and kept me going in their own way. Even though it may not have been the method I would have preferred, one comes to realize that expectations cannot be held against someone else. Only towards one's own self. And the offspring, I suppose, since you gave LIFE to that particular being, surely SOME expectations should be allowed? Although that would go against my previous observation...so it cancels itself out again. A moot point...sorry...I digress...(I tend to try and talk philosophically to myself sometimes. The arguements can get quite humorous)

2011 is a year of moving forward. Officially.

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Jenny said...

good for you Girl!Life definetly goes on!out with the old and may 2011 brings you more love,joy,happiness,good health and wealth!!