Monday, December 27, 2010


Well...with all the hustle and bustle of Isabel getting sick on her birthday, it never really did hit that my baby is TWO! How did it happen?


I love how she's progressed into a little person of her own, with her own thoughts and her own words. She's absorbing everything like a sponge.

And I love how she's just a silly little ham sometimes

I love that she's slowly mastering words to express herself

I love the way she stops and thinks about how she wants to phrase something so that I'll understand.

I love the way she'll make me repeat what she says to ensure that I really got what she was trying to say.

I love how she loves shoes.


I love how she's getting into role-playing and using her imagination. The imagination is one of the most important quality a person can have - with it, one can dream of bigger and better things, one can escape the wearies and the troubles of an existing life, one can have hope.


I love how she'll try and mimic me and try to do the things I do


I love how she'll say "Momma, hand!" whenever we are out and about

I love the way she says "Momma, hold" when she's in bed, getting ready to fall asleep

I love the way she makes me feel like I'm a good person. A worthy person. And how it makes me all the more determined to be strong, to carry on, to be a good mother who'll be worthy of her love.

I love you, my darling girl. Momma loves Izzy.


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Jenny said...

Porpor loves momma and izzy too!!