Saturday, June 18, 2011


To list the house for sale, I had to take pictures of all the rooms. Isabel (and the dog) were my sidekick(s). It was a challenge to get her (and him) out of the shot.


Anyway, I might as well share it the pictures here, since I've never really shared pictures of the house before.

First up is Isabel's room.


I've never been happy with the way this room has looked, ever. Since the time I've had it as my "Closet" to when it was converted to a baby (boy!)'s room. There's something that was always unfinished about it that drove me nuts.

So last week, I finally said enough is enough, and I moved things around.


For now, I'm somewhat pacified. At least, it looks like a bedroom. now.

And I love the dresser. $50 from the thrift store and a coat of paint over it, and ta-da! 


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Jenny said...

I like the small round table!must find one like that for isabel's new room here!