Thursday, June 23, 2011


On to the next room -- the heart and soul of any home - the kitchen.

There's no dining room in this house, which irks me sometimes as I don't feel comfortable inviting people over for a meal. So I don't. But I suppose an option is to get the island out of the kitchen and replace with an oval one? Painted a pale blue, I think, to match the curtain.


The island can be repurposed by moving it to the study to be used as a craft table. Although don't ask me how it's actually going to be moved, as it's heavy and it can't go through the doorway, unless the top is removed. Which would be a pain in the bum-bum.


And I think the door would look fab if the exterior side was painted the same grey as the chandelier. Hmmmm...I wonder if I still have the paint, and if it's still good....


I like the little corner that we added, although I wished those shelves can handle more weight. I'm not 100% confident that it's strong enough to handle all that it already does now.

I wished we had waited 2 more months prior to installing the cabinets, as the perfect dresser turned up by the side of the street. The best laid plans of mice and men....


Jenny said...

the chandelier is new?

bagfashionista said...

not's been there perhaps a year plus now?