Saturday, April 07, 2012

Bathroom Pretties


After 2 months or so, my upstairs bathroom is in full working order again. Woo hoo!


Still bummed that the matching pedestal sink was too big for my dinky bathroom. =(

Photobucket Photobucket

Loading up the bathroom with pretties help ease the disappointment.

Zoom out a little, and we'll get a more realistic view of life with the bright plastic kid stuff littering the room, the overflowing trashcan and the toilet brush.

I need to get a new light fixture.
And a toilet paper holder.
And a clock, since I'm always underestimating the time I need to look presentable.

But I am just glad that I can move all my stuff back upstairs.

And that I can start using the clear cube organizers that was purchased months ago.

Muji 5 drawer clear cube for makeup and jewelry

I  have an obsession with lipsticks, if you can't tell. 


Looking at this particular drawer makes me happy =)


Jenny said...

You changed the toilet bowl?where Is the drawer of lipsticks kept ?very pretty frillies!

bagfashionista said...

He changed the toilet. And you don't recognize the baskets above the liptstick storage cubes?

Jenny said...

I thought so!

Holly and Sean said...

It looks amazing Steph! Is it weird I want your toilet? I have a thing for square toilets. And now I feel like a bad mom because all these years I just realized wren doesn't have steps to go potty. I make the poor girl hop up!

bagfashionista said...

thanks Holly --

IZzy hops on to the toilet now, since *Ahem*...i kinda broke her stool when i was sitting on it. wHoops.