Sunday, April 15, 2012

Time to Bring out the Shovels

My backyard is the bane of my existance. Along with the front yard.

 Looking at it is enough to rile me up, and you can see why...uggghhhh!


This year is the year to start turning it around. My grandmother was very, very passionate about her garden, and when she passed away last year, I really wanted to try and cultivate a garden that she would be proud of. Plus, it would stop me from feeling embarassed of having the trashyard of the neighbourhood.

After a weekend of work, a real flower bed is defined:


Excuse the peeling garage. That's another to-do on this summer's list.

Lets just hope that the plants florish...Isabel was in on the action


Tulips that I planted last fall with mom and brother are coming up! I'm still surprised that it actually took root! There is hope yet for this black thumb!



Jenny said...

Looks very good!neat!budding flowers looks pretty!

Pearly said...

Good for you! Wish my garden could have these tulips!

Me said...

The one on the far left looks dead.. ^_^ Otherwise, well done!!


bagfashionista said...

hah.. HEY, i just transplanted those...they have all perked up now with watering! =p

and all my tulips are blooming now.
don't jinx me!