Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ignorance was Bliss

This is a closeup of the flowers that are blooming on the tree outside.

Today, you would have found me trying to get the shade garden landscape done around the base of the tree


Halfway through digging and putting down weed blocking fabric and mulch, I suddenly got really concerned about the possibility of hurting, suffocating, ruining the tree. That's the problem with me...I like to go to point A to point B in the quickest possible manner, but halfway through, will suddenly stop and think of "hmm...perhaps this may not be the best idea..." I've researched the type of plants that do well under shaded areas that only get sunlight in the morning hours, but did not really think about researching the tree itself.

Which led to frantic google-ing. And asking the guy at the home improvement store. And spending hours on the computer. And finally concluding to the fact that I have a flowering pear tree out there. It is most likely a Bradford, and with almost all the information I've read, I might as well chop it down right now. Weak wood that leads to breakage, suckers that will take over the yard (those wooded shoots sticking out from the roots of the tree that I thought were kinda pretty...hah), toppling over...ARRGGHHH!!!!

However, we went through a few major storms last year, and I don't particularly remember too much damage...Isabel's swing was attached to one of the branches, for crying out successfully swung a 30lb toddler up and down, up and down for how many times?...Although I am probably now jinxing myself......double ARGGHHHH!!

I give up. That's the last of the plants I'll buy this year. If everything survives and thrives successfully through until next year, we'll start again.

I'll continue with the garden beds definition and trying to convert some parts of the yard to patio/stone tiles, and of course, trying to get the durn front lawn growing, but that's it.

To end on a slightly more cheerful note, I did cut some of the tulips that were growing in the wilder side of the yard. This is the first time ever where I've "harvested" a flower that I've actually planted. I kinda liked it (although making the first cut almost scared all courage out of me)


They bloomed beautifully after spending a few hours indoors

But were shut up tight again the next morning (I left the bathroom window open to let the cool air in as that supposedly lets the cut flowers survive longer)

It's like they went back to sleep.

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Jenny said...

Wow!the flowers on the tree looks very pretty!pity you might have to chop it down.the tulips looks good!