Friday, April 27, 2012

Garden Again

Because it's her birthday and she asked for flower pictures

My tulips are starting to look a little bedraggled from all the rain we are having...I think it may be time to cut them and bring them into the house before they start to completely fall apart. Or before they get snapped off by some woodland creature, like what happened to the tulips in another garden bed

Note: hostas are fine now...=p 


These are starting to really grow too...I believe they are called hyacinths? These are called Muscari


And my gorgeous, gorgeous flowering tree that was there when we bought the house...I have no idea what type of tree it is, but I love it.


 I want to make a shade garden bed at the area around the tree...just transplanted some of the hostas to the base today. Lets hope I did not/will not hurt the tree when I dig...eek!

All the pretty flowers...that will litter my yard with its petals during fall


Grand plans in my head. Execution and maintenance may be a bit more shaky....We'll see what happens.

Happy birthday, Auntie Yee Yee/Aunt Pe Pe! We love you!

And a random poser Izzy picture to finish off:


Jenny said...

Beautiful tree,never knew it had flowers.always seen it bare or with autumn leaves

Pearly said...

Really beautiful!
Thank you!
Love you both lots & lots!
See you soon!

Vee Ann said...

I love that tree!!!

Me said...

OOhh, your back yard is looking so pretty now!! Looks like that thumb is turning slightly green! ^_^