Saturday, February 27, 2010

Breakfast, Malaysian Style

I want Isabel to have a connection and knowledge of all the things I did as a kid growing up in Malaysia. And what better way to start than with the food?!

I remember going to the Sunday market and lined across the sidewalk in front of the "corner shop" were vendors selling different types of appams...this one was the 20 cent "thing"


Mine obviously turned out different looking than what it's suppose to be as I didn't have a small wok...but work with what 'ya have


It tasted pretty similar though


Little piggy here hogged a whole piece


And of course, when there's food, there's Buddy


But leave it to my husband to ask: "So...what goes with it?"
 He was probably hoping I'll say "ice-cream" since he thinks it tastes like a waffle cone.


Jessica said...

yummy! She's a doll!

msihua said...

OMG!! You have the recipe for Appam/Apung??? I WANTS!!

bagfashionista said...

Jessica - thanks!!

hua - check out this lady's blog:

she has a LOT of chinese/malaysian recipes and those that i've tried turned out pretty good.

Jenny said...

I can buy some steel small woks for you1it looks good all the small!Maybe I will try before you come back!