Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Summer Blues

And to continue on the curtain trend, here's another dress that used a discarded curtain as the bias strip and the piping (oh yea..I got my mojo back!)


This was from Oliver + S' Popover Sundress (Amanda -- this is one of their free patterns). It's pretty much like a pillowcase dress, with an A-line.

Tried my hand at making my own piping using this tutorial


This dress reminds me of summer - kids having fun by the pool or splashing around with the garden hose

However, I'm not sure if the sizing is on the small size, or if I made a mistake when sewing the sideseams...but it's a little difficult to put her arms through, and it's definitely a snug fit on the top.

And it's way too long for my liking...


Will definitely be shortening it by about 2-3 inches just so she'll be more comfortable when running around...


And for when she's trying to do her handstands.



Jenny said...

it looks definitely better with it shorter and her hair in pigtails!Dont make her look older.

Amanda said...

I got a shoutout! LOL.

Super cute! I'm also super impressed with your piping. Add that to the list of things I'm afraid to try. (I AM trying to make curtains, though!)

Jessica said...

Good job! love her little headstands!