Thursday, August 29, 2013

And So, A New Chapter Begins


Her bag was packed, and she has new shoes to boot, courtesy of daddy (Actually, her whole outfit is almost all courtesy of daddy)

Isabel's first day of kindergarten1st day of school - kicks

Her new adventure was about to begin.

We woke up early and had breakfast
(That's not really Snapple -- it's orange juice in a Snapple bottle)

1st day of school - breakfast

I packed her lunch...

Bento lunch - 082913

We snapped some pictures...

Isabel and Momma

And it was off to school!

We got there a tad early (a rare occurrence, and will probably never be repeated again...we are never early. We are never on time either), so we snapped more pictures

I am usually not in pictures with Isabel, so this is a field day for me!

And the teacher came up, called her students and whisked them away.

John and I were like, "Is that it?!" and stood around at loose ends for awhile.
It was very anti-climatic.

I don't think that Isabel even had a chance to say goodbye before going off into the classroom.

A few hours later, I came back to make sure she got on the bus (and really, it was to familiarize myself with her new routine)

And it is goodbye again.

I can just gobble her up, she is so stinking cute (and yes, I am probably overly biased here)

Her verdict?

She loves her kindergarten

But dislikes the afterschool place.

The bus ride was apparently "HORRIBLE", as she loudly exclaimed.
In public. Strangers were amused.

All in all, she had a good day because:


Jenny said...

Can't see some of the pics !but yup she's a cute American pie!

Pearly said...

Yup! Our little one is growing up fast!

Pearly said...
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