Thursday, August 01, 2013

Goodbye, Twenties

Today is the last day of me being in my 20's.

While I don't appreciate getting older (the wrinkles, the body changes...ugh -- I essentially stopped celebrating my birthday when I turned 25 - worst birthday EVER), I think I am looking forward to being in my 30s.

I lead a very non-exciting and unadventurous life.

Much as I aspire to be, I will never be that heroine in books that get whisked away on a whirlwind romance that ends with splendor and everlasting love. I will never be the person who has a network of connections that allows me to travel round the world, staying at mansions and villas, hobnobbing with the rich and famous.

Why? Because I am too darn practical and introverted for that.

And I have come to terms it.

What I wish for these days is actually to have a calm and quiet life.
They say a life without risk is not worth living.
I say, I've had my fair share of devastating life events and I have no desire to go through that again.

Now that I am finally older, I have realized this:

Life isn't about grandeur, or flash or about huge accomplishments. It isn't about that big promotion, or having a closet full of designer items (although there's still a tiny part of me that still thinks having a vintage Kelly would be awesome)

Not to me.
Not anymore at least

It is about the little things. The simple things. Things that hit closer to home.

 photo IMAG2770.jpg

For one - ensuring that I set time aside to ENJOY Isabel being a child. To cherish the fact that she still thinks I'm one of the cool ones, and actually WANTS me to spend time with her, playing, cuddling, watching a movie, crafting....

Camping in our backyard...

 photo IMG_20130728_074732.jpg

Going to carnivals and sitting on rides together (most fun ride...EVER, this one spinning one) 

 photo IMAG2774.jpg

Impromtu picnics at the end of a ...gasp...workday!

 photo IMG_20130731_003326.jpg

Quiet time reading...or playing Gardenscapes together on the Ipad...

 photo IMG_20130714_160417.jpg

THESE are what is important.
The warm comfortable feeling of being needed, wanted, cherished.

Sometimes I need to work on remembering it. Sometimes I need to be hit on the head to remember it.
But I try.

"Children deserve your best, not what is leftover."


Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Girl!you are also much needed,cherished and loved right here at home!

Jenny said...

You made me cry!!!

bagfashionista said...

But why cry?

Pearly said...

Happy Belated Birthday Stephanie,
Came back from Hokkaido on 4th Aug!
You are loved a lot!
Wishing you wonderful & blessed years ahead!
Yee Yee