Tuesday, August 06, 2013

What I Did on My Birthday

We had cake, naturally -- thanks to the ex for that

 photo IMG_20130802_124016.jpg

Isabel decided that the cake was rather plain, so decided to add some flair to it

 photo e20cfddd-a8fc-474d-bade-0c22b1c18f09.jpg

My garden treated me to some birthday flowers (Little Lamb hydrangeas from the front yard) in a thrifted vase ($4!)

 photo IMG_20130803_150740.jpg

A gorgeous, HUGE monarch-like butterfly came to visit the butterfly bush in the side garden

 photo IMAG2797.jpg

Isabel got a new dress

 photo IMG_4414.jpg

And we went to the carnival

 photo IMAG2784.jpg

Where she proceeded to sit all the adult-like rides that she could.

Right at 42 inches tall, she could sit on a select few

 photo IMAG2783.jpg

And there was no looking back for her

And she got a snowcone

One would think it was HER birthday....which it may as well have been, since she said "Because she was with me to celebrate my birthday,  SHE gets to choose what to do. And no, I don't get to choose the activity for her birthday, because that rule only applies to adult birthdays. When it is a kid's birthday, the kid naturally gets to choose...."

She may be a lawyer when she grows up.


Jenny said...

Beautiful pics!wow the butterfly is gigantic !

msihua said...

Perfect logic don't you think?