Monday, August 12, 2013

It's a Bird's Life --- And a Mini-Me

Did I mention that I bought a ton of fabric recently?

I am trying to make a dent in my stash prior to cutting into the new. Because it pains me to cut in to fabric that was recently purchased. A hoarding symptom, probably.

I have a long list of items that I want to sew.
I started trolling round the net for patterns again, so first up, Reversible Wrap Top with Flutter Sleeves pattern by Craftiness is not Optional

Reversible Flutter Sleeved Wrap Top

It is definitely one of the better free patterns that I've used, and dare I say, better than some that I have actually purchased. Easy enough to follow along and the finished product is pretty durn cute. Sizes are limited, but sufficient.

Usually not a fan of reversible patterns as one sides gets used more than the other, so if I make it again for Isabel, I shall probably make it with a plain lining on one side.

Reversible Flutter Sleeved Wrap Top

Isabel's was made using the 4/5T sizing. It fits fine with room to spare on her now. 

Made a 12/18M version as part of a "Welcome to the World" present for a little girl of a friend
...except she's been in the world for about 6 months now...another case of where the aspiration is there, but the motivation is not. I am working on it.

Fabric Selection:

Isabel got all stash-fabric (she was consulted on the fabric selection, as usual) and the baby got part new, part stash.

Riley Blake Simple Bunting, Michael Miller Lil' Daisy

12/18M - Michael Miller's Lil' Daisy in Grey from the Plain Jane collection, Riley Blake's Simple Buntings in Aqua from the Simple Life collection, sleeves in Heather Bailey's Hello Roses in Taupe from the Nicey Jane Collection

Michael Miller Humming Bird, Love birds; Riley Blake Trees

4/5T - Oddly enough, all fabric in her top has a bird theme -- definitely purely coincidental...Michael Miller's Humming Birds in White from the Flora and Fauna Collection, Riley Blake's Trees in Blue from the Happier collection and Michael Miller's Love Birds in Black from the Hedgehog collection (LOVE this fabric)

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