Thursday, January 14, 2010

Glad 'ol Times

I came across these pictures while attempting to clean out my work computer


My husband have the uncanny ability to get my relatives to do "extraordinary" things



Or make the most mundane task the most fascinating/entertaining activity



These pictures were taken almost 3 years ago, when we were back in my homeland. My husband wanted to prepare a meal for my extended family, and on the menu was the Gladstone cake - a moist chocolate cake with whipped topping and crushed up bits of Heath bars, to go along with the dinner of chilli (my husband has a very....defined...reportoire - it's usually either chilli, pizza or lasagna)

As you can see, he's managed to coerce some to act as sous chefs. And managed to garner a huge audience as well. 

I really have no idea why it was so interesting to my family. Perhaps food really is the way to the heart?


Jenny said...

Gosh!I look thin here!

Anonymous said...

Very cute!