Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The "Real" Christmas

We celebrated so many Christmasses in 2009 that it started feeling like Groundhog day.

During the "Real" christmas, guess who decided to drop by Grandpa's house??



The nice dear makes it a point to drop by John's grandfather's house every year (or maybe it's every 2 years...I'm not sure since we are only there every other year so far)

Unfortunately for the poor old man, Isabel, once again, gave him an earful.

 Of screams.


Even though this time, he had a gift for her. So how is she to get it when she won't unscrunge her eyes enough to see the goody he had for her??

Daddy had to step sit in


It's amazing how fast she went back to eating her spoon like nothing happened.

Can you say "Drama Queen"?!



Amber said...

OMG so sad but I just love those pictures! Looked like a great Christmas and GREAT pictures!

bagfashionista said...

Thanks -- she's just a little drama queen ...now starting to actually throw tantrums o_O