Sunday, January 31, 2010

We are THAT family

So our daughter has started throwing tantrums about a month ago. And I mean, throw-herself-to-the-ground-and-scream-her-head-off tantrums.

So today, when we were in Target, she was unhappy for some reason or other. And there she lay, in the middle of the aisle, demonstrating the above described behavior.


Can I have a refund? Exchange? Where did my sweet-natured baby go? I wish I can shield her from learning all this awful behavior from other kids, cause you can bet your last dollar that she learned it from a kid. But since that's not possible, the question becomes, how do I correct it?


msihua said...

There was this funny ad on TV here... that the mum copied the exact behaviour of the kid and threw a tantrum on the floor as well.

The kid stopped.

Not sure how to help you babes... I believe in smacks.. but I don't think that works either... *sigh*

Jenny said...

you were never like that!!!I would just carry her off and give a good scolding and a smack on her buttom!

bagfashionista said...

hah--- there are times where i WANT to just throw a tantrum myself! it probably would do for a great sideshow for the other shoppers in the store.

And no, i don't want to spank --- although, i DO want to smack the kid she learned it from...i know EXACTLY who it was. grrrrrrr

Steven said...

Kids need to be spanked, enough said!

Steven said...

Listen to this guy, he knows what he's talking about lol.

CAUTION: There are expletives, so be careful where you watch it.

MrsKBJ said...

That video is funny!! Sorry about your daughters little tantrums! I know they are hard to deal with especially when you are out and about. I try to go shopping early in the morning or after her afternoon nap. I know if she doen't get her nap or it is nap time Madison is super cranky!!

p.s You are toally not a baby mom for not having a cake!! lol! She didn't even eat much of it at 12 months. I just wanted the messy pics! :O)