Friday, December 17, 2010

Meet My Brother...

The real one this time.

He's 4 1/2 years older than me.


And he was my yardstick for all things male for a long time


I was that annoying little sister who tagged along with her older brother and tried to do all the things he did...I worshipped him. And lucky for me, he didn't seem to mind it (most times, at least)


One of the best memories from our younger days is sitting by his side when he's playing his video games on the computer - he'll actually let me know when he's going to start playing so I can get situated. Games like Legend of Kirandia, Alone In The Dark, Cluedo and Leisuire Suite Larry are remembered fondly.


Now that we are all grown up, we don't talk much anymore. In fact, I can't even seem to find a picture of just him and I in our old-age glory.

Perhaps we just have that special relationship where regardless of how much time has gone by, we're still able to connect like no time has past. He's always been there for me. Through the rough patches, and eventually the disolution of my marriage, I counted on him. And he was there.

Kor, I don't say this much (or maybe not at all), but you know I love you and I wish that we lived closer (like, in the same town. You still have yet to change ONE dirty diaper).

Happy birthday, old fart.

P/S: Isabel SO looks like me in that last picture!


Jenny said...

I have "teens' and "twenties" pics of you and kor at home!!How times fly !He is 32 years old!!!!

Steven said...

Wow, those photos are way old. Now I really feel old lol. Love ya, sis!

msihua said...

Oh my... Isabel is like a mirror image of you in that last one!!