Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Puppy Tales


This poor little guy has been neglected for well over a year.

But he's finally done and he got some well-deserved loving from Isabel.


And stickers too, for being such a good dog.



The problem with putting off projects, is that over the course of time, I couldn't remember which tutorial I was using. And I lost some of the fabric. So there was some "winging" involved. Which is probably why he looks like he's about to take off with his ears.


I'm not a fan of hand-sewing, if you must know.

But anyway, he's done and the little guy has been shipped off to his new home.


Steven said...

The little guy is safe and sound in his new home. I dub thee "Blue Doggie!" :D Thanks, sis!

Jenny said...

I was just wondering who the lucky fella was!!!!