Tuesday, April 19, 2011


We try and go down to the beach as often as we can - and hopefully, the weather will warm up soon so we won't have to huddle together in our big coats, teeth chattering away


She doesn't quite like sand on her feet. In fact, she refused to move to prevent more sand from going into her slippers


But we enjoyed ourselves -- good thing I brought a blanket to lay on - I just need to make a big blanket now that can be used for picnics out on the grass or by the beach


Also tried to make a sandcastle -- my city roots are showing - I don't make good sandcastles.


I have all summer to perfect my technique, I suppose.


Steven said...

I think she gets the no sand on my feet trait from me lololol...

Pearly said...

Yes Indeed.....We all remember the trip to PD......"So much sand ah???????"

Aaron said...
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