Sunday, April 03, 2011

I Have A Problem


I have all these sewing books that I just HAD to have


But I have yet to make a SINGLE things out of them...

At least they are pretty to look at...*shrug*

But with one of my best friends having a baby soon, I have grand plans of sewing a whole bunch of stuff for her baby. So hoping that these books will be well-used.

But first, I promised Izzy that I'll make a dress for her doll.


So today, we sat down and planned for the outfit. Poor dolly was stripped, fabric was compared, and the pattern was chosen.

This is serious business 


Amanda said...

How is the Oliver+S book? I love their patterns, I just haven't caved and tried one, yet.

You should check out this book, too: Sewn with Love. I just got it and absolutely love. Lots of great, basic patterns with room for embellishment. And there's a disc with full-size, printable patterns.

bagfashionista said...

Amanda - I haven't actually used it yet! But i've made some(ok, fine, ONE) outfit using the O&S pattern and it's pretty good.

But i'll be sure to update when i actually make something out of it. The doll dress is from the O&S book.

And i'll check that book out!