Friday, December 18, 2009

Cookie Countdown #2 & #3

Again, this makes it strongly apparent that I am horrible at keeping/continuing lists...

These are obviously not cookies, but work with me here....

Again, true to my procrastinatic nature, I didn't work on the daycare teachers' gifts till last night (heck, I haven't even started finished my X'mas shopping yet, and we are leaving tonight!)

Just a little something homemade to go with the more impersonal gift cards - They get a choice between Darby's Cinnamon Honey Butter (this is sweet stuff -'s probably really good on warm, fresh out of the oven rolls) and Karla's Sugared Pecans (yummy stuff - reminds me of those nut vendors on the streets of NYC)


Top it off with some delicious Amy Butler fabric and we are good to go!

(and in true scatter-brain form - I seem to have deleted the pictures of the jars when they were done...crud)
Since I've distributed them all out this morning, you'll have to make do with a picture of my beloved mixer --


A generous gift from my cousins out in CA for our wedding. Believe me, when you get married at 22, fresh out of college and still looking for a job, this is a HUGE gift - and it was something that I was frothing at the mouth to own. So thank you Audrey, Jamie, Isaac and Eddy once again! (not that they even read this blog, I don't think - but just so that this message of appreciation is out there)

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