Thursday, December 31, 2009

Splishing and Splashing

The hotel we stayed in during the U.P. leg of the trip had a pool! It was time to make the introductions:

Isabel, this is a Pool - Think of it like a giant bathtub, with volcanos and giant slides in it


Pool, this is Isabel - She may pee in you, but don't take offense. She's probably just excited to meet you.


I think they got along just fantastically


There was a big ball to eat play with


There were cousins for play mates (gosh, she loves them)

This is her youngest cousin, Ben - He's 2 + years old and he calls her "Honey"


Here's Anna, the oldest at 4 + years old, and the only other girl in the family. She's absolutely beautiful (she reminds me of Dakota Fanning) and is so well-behaved


The other little guy is her brother, Mark. You can see him in action in the first picture above. He's 3+ years -- a splitting image of his grandfather, or so I'm told. (John's dad passed away when he was a teenager. I've never met him)

And lastly, this is Joe - another 4+ year old. He's about 5 months younger than Anna - born a week or so before our wedding back in 2005. Now that I've experienced first hand how life changes immediately after being a parent, I can't believe that his parents made it a point to travel 7+ hours so that they'll be there for our wedding. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.


Daddy - her anchor



Amber said...

OMG looks like fun!!!

julie said...

look at those legs! I could DIE. How cute. Looks like so much fun!!

Jenny said...

They certainly hit it off!Isabel is one of them!