Friday, April 02, 2010

Garden Party

I came across this darling little bag over at Sew Retro Chic! (who, btw, is a fellow Malaysian) and it spurred me to purchase my first pattern from a non-manufacturer, and to finally, make something that's

The pattern is by Keyka Lou and it was easy enough to follow - the instructions were clear, and the process was simple, and the output was cute and spring-y.


I was super excited when it was done (sans bow, because, come on...I know I'm not exactly Susie Spring-Chicken) and my husband was like, "Awww....that's for Isabel?"


That's me falling off my puffy white cloud.

Apparently I'm too old to tote around something that cutesy. o_O

I ended up giving it to the 3 year-old daughter of the hosts of a party we went to that weekend.


Later that week, I made another one. I guess I was not convinced about my husband's opinion. Or perhaps I'm destined to be one of those women who insists on wearing miniskirts even though they are waaaaaay past the appropriate age to do so?


Jenny said...

It looks very bright and breezy!I dont mind having one like it.You are not too old to hang one on your armAnd I am ancient!!

Zura said...

So cute! This is my favourite print of all time, simply gorgeous :)