Monday, April 12, 2010

Third Time's The Charm

I bought 2 more patterns from Keyka Lou during her sale - I've had my eye on the Curvy Clutch for awhile now, and took the plunge during the sale.

It was a pain in the neck.


Because I was using the wrong interfacing.

And then no interfacing.

And finally, found one that worked.


It's the perfect size to carry around my wallet essentials (I'm using it as a wallet) and can accomodate my cellphone and keys perfectly too.

I'm going to try and enlarge the pattern for a bigger clutch.

Just because I'm a glutton for punishment I can.


Amber's Notebook said...


msihua said...

You are so creatively crazy and wonderful with your time management!!!

bagfashionista said...

hua -- my "wonderful" time management has me all bleary eyed and all "let me SLEEEEEP!!!" when john tried to get me to wake up this morning!!

Jenny said...

You are indeed my super-daughter!!!!!!