Saturday, April 03, 2010


When I was younger, I had major issues with getting my hair cut (I see my mother cringing at the memory of it right about now). She'd take me to some of the best salons but it almost always ends up with me throwing a fit and locking myself in my room for hours - a sobbing, blubbering tween, convinced that her life is ruined.

Yeah. I was a treat.

And I almost always end up trying to "fix" the cut myself, using a pair of scissors I pilfered from my mother's sewing drawer.


Again, I was a treat.

Fast forward 10+ years. Tack on motherhood. My mother will be happy to know that I've long outgrown that endearing little trait of mine. Got a bad haircut? Eh, it'll grow. Matter of fact, when I was pregnant, I got my husband to cut my hair for me. The first time ended up bad. Like, one chunk was 6-inches-too-short bad.

My reaction?

"EEEK!!......... Ah well...I'll just tie it up"

Mom - aren't you proud of me? =D

So, today, I finally convinced my husband to let me cut his hair. He was already half vested in the idea when he bought a set of clippers last year. But was never brave enough to actually let me demonstrate my artistic skills.

But today was the day. 2 Youtube videos, several swigs of liquid courage (Diet Coke Lime) and lots of nattering about which clipper attachment to use, I think we've discovered a brilliant way to save money, and strengthen our relationship. Because come on, you gotta have trust to allow your wife to do this. ;)


Although, he refused to give me a tip.


Jenny said...

Yup!I remember those days!!!!Glad you've outgrown those episodes!I am also trimming and thinning my top.Though it only costs Rm2 to have it done at the salon.
John looks good!!Good for you!

Pearly said...

I can vouch for your mum's skill!. Got her to cut my fringe too!

Pearly said...

I can vouch for your mum's skill!. Got her to cut my fringe too!

Gary said...

What a BiIG grin.