Wednesday, May 19, 2010

16.5 - 17 Months

Weight: 27 + lbs - 90th percentile
Height: 31+ inches - 70th percentile

Her vocabulary is ever expanding - she's repeating words, and she understands simple sentences/instructions

The week she turned 17 months, something flipped and we are in the "No" zone now. Like..." no no no no....NO!" Grrrrreat!

She knows where her nose, mouth, feet, and sometimes, hands and ears are.

Some of her favorite words are "No", "Daddy" and "Bird"

She's had her first few corner times...and is well aware of what "go to the corner" means, judging from her immediate change of expression - think a big pout (which looks so cute that I just want to laugh and kiss her! Must R.E.S.I.S.T!)


She's getting very concious of me not being with her - when I drop her off at daycare, the moment we walk through the doors, she'll start clinging on to me and wail. It's only with me though, not my husband.

Her hair started getting into her eyes...


And there was something definitely mullet-like about the style...


It annoyed she got her first haircut


As did Buddy...

Photobucket's not HIS first haircut..


Although he's sure acting like it's a horrific experience...


She still loves her books and music


And bags and shoes


Her favorite TV show is "Make Way for Noddy". At 7pm every night, she'll say "Noddy!!"

She understands choices, consequences (somewhat) and the fact that there are some rules that she has to follow.

She's hard-headed, stubborn and is an individual. But at the same time, she tries to do what we do. And she will come and grab all her stuff so she can sit by you.


She loves affection, attention, someone to play with and to cuddle with.


She's inquisitive, challenging and sometimes, naughty.

She's just starting out.


The possibilities are endless.


MrsKBJ said...

I loved that age!! The hair cut pics of your pup made me laugh!! :O)

Jenny said...

What did the little one do??Naughty!naughty!Go stand in the corner!
Ps.her master piece is framed and on the wall!I am not crazy!Love-sick grandma!!!

Steven said...

LOL, Buddy is hilarious. He's holding on to dear life!

How bout teaching Isabel to say "Uncle" or "Kau-Fu"? Hahaha...

bagfashionista said...

Buddy is a!

I need to get frames for her stuff....

and she says Kor kor occasionally -- you'll have to live with that

Darnelle said...

Buddy is really cute having a haircut! He just stays there like a frozen pup.:D