Saturday, May 01, 2010

Curvy Clutch, Revisited

As mentioned before, I wanted to try to enlarge Keyka Lou's Curvy Clutch....


Added some pleats...and there you have it!

This is a better size for me. It fits everything without it looking like it's going to burst out of its seams.

During her sale, I also got the Grocery Bag pattern -


I like how structered it looks

I think I'm going back to IKEA to buy the rest of the other colored stripes! Who knew that IKEA had such cute fabric?!


The Sewist said...

I have that same pattern and have yet to try it!

How much did you enlarge it buy and how did you make the pleats?

You could do a mini tutorial on it..
I have been eyeing that grocery bag your turned out great..

Oh and dont get me started on IKEA fabrics i LOVVVVEEE them..guess we have quite a bit in common :)

SO glad i found you on TCB

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

Krista S. said...

ADORE your grocery bag!!!! Must get myself some of that fabric!