Saturday, May 08, 2010

A Gift For ME!

I've been itching to buy a bag for a while now....and I was this close to saying "YES!" to ordering this....but the moment of insanity passed...(which is good, because when I told my husband, his response was "It was HOW much???!!)

For my Mother's Day gift to myself, I got a new diaper bag (oh, how the mightly have fallen!).


It's the Longchamp Planètes and I love it! (Apparently Longchamp is quite popular in France and Hong Kong? And it's not really a diaper bag---I'm just using it as one)

The bag is fairly roomy, and can accomodate the essentials and all the other "just-in-case" items


And because I'm a dork, and because I'm moving from a bag that had a lot of pockets & compartments to another that's just one big tote, I made myself this to hold all the small stuff (it's amazing how much crap one small kid needs)

First time working with a zipper -- It was interesting. But definitely doable.

I think I still need something else to hold all those diapers together... ;)

(And I'm itching to buy more Longchamp totes!)


Steven said...

LMAO, butt paste. Sigh, too funny.

Jenny said...

Your sewing is darn good!!!!thank you so much for the lovely items in the package!happy mother's day to you too,my dear girl!!!

bagfashionista said...

Isn't it funny?! it was a sample from the dr's office, and I thought it was too cute!

Darnelle said...

Your bag is really roomy, your phone even can have it's own place!!

Kelli Ward said...

great job on this pouch! i love the stripe that you put in it.